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Trans/gender/queer Resources in Oregon
The Q Center in Portland is providing Trans/gender/queer resources online. Though the majority of their listings are located in the Portland area, they have quite a few Eugene and Springfield listings.
Their website is located at: http://www.resourcespdx.org/

The previous page of resources and information was outdated and in need or replacement.
We are very pleased that there is an alternate online resource.

The Eugene/Springfield Transgender Gathering

TransPonder is a monthly gathering for trans*-identified and questioning folks. It is a place where we can socialize, share resources, and provide support surrounding the achievements and challenges we encounter from living the shared experience of not adhering to the gender binary. The TransPonder meetings happen on the 2nd Saturday of every month. We do a potluck for each meeting so please bring a dish or beverage to share IF you are able. Water and tea are provided; though attendees are encouraged to bring their own water bottle.

In addition to the TransPonder meetings there is also a TransPonder email list which serves as a reminder for the monthly meetings as well as a place where we can communicate between gatherings to discuss topics of interest and provide community event notifications.
The group and the email list are specifically for trans*-identified or questioning folks only. We do adore our partners and allies, and this group was created with a different intention in mind -- to provide a safe space where trans* folks from all walks of life can come together and find community no matter their "out" status. To be added to the list simply us with your request.

The Quick and Dirty:
What: TransPonder: The Eugene/Springfield Trans* Gathering
Trans*-identified or questioning folks
2nd Saturday of every month from 3pm-6pm
Where: Contact us for the location
transponder.together@gmail.com, or call 541-914-1559
What to bring?:
Yourself and a potluck item IF you are able

Trans* is an umbrella term that refers to all of the identities that fall within the gender identity spectrum that do not adhere to the gender binary. Trans (without the asterisk) generally refers to, and is most fitting for, trans-men and trans-women. The asterisk denotes that there is something beyond what is written. In this case it includes all identities that are non-cisgendered such as: transgender, trans-man, trans-woman, transsexual, transvestite, gender-queer, gender-fluid, non-binary, gender-f*ck, genderless, androgynous, neuter, agender, pangender, non- gendered, third gender, two-spirit, and bigender (to name a few).

Q Center Resources PDX

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